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09.12.2007 - GratePic 0.9.5 available

New in this version:

* Recent photos of your contacts
* Plain / Sets view of user photos
* View user photos from flickr explore
* UI Cleanups
* Installer

17.09.2007 - GratePic 0.9 released

Changes in this version:

* Lots of usability enhancements: post photo to multiple groups simultaneously, UI cleanups, new icons etc.
* Performance improvements
* Bugfixes
* Help pages


GratePic is a cross platform tool for posting, commenting and rating photos on flickr.

While you can also use flickr's nice web interface for these tasks it's getting a little bit annoying with groups which require you to use specific codes to award photos.

For example if you post a photo on People's Choice, you will have to award 3 other photos with the People's Choice Award

This usually translates in copying and pasting codes like this:

<a href="">
<img src="">People's Choice</a>

With GratePic the whole process is much simpler. Try it, and you'll see ;)

Install and download

You can download GratePic from the download site.

If you're a Windows user, you should download the windows installer program gratepic-installer-0.9.5.exe. You can also use the cross plaform installer, or the zip distribution, but it's more comfortable to use the exe installer. It will also check if you have the right Java version (6.0) installed on your system, and if not, will redirect you to the Java download site.

Linux users may choose between the zip distribution and the cross platform installer.

In case that you've unpacked the zip distribution, the application can be started from the gratepic-0.9.5/bin directory.


* Drag and drop interface for posting photos to the groups you're a member of
* Automatic management of rating / awards codes. You can setup 5 rating / award codes for each group. Each time you will open a photo from the group's pool the comment you've entered the last time will be reused.
* Display of recent activity on your photos. Easy navigation to the commenting user's photos so you can comment back (it's always nice to to that ;)).
* View photos from flickr explore
* Tagging of your groups so you can easily find them


GratePic will run on any system (Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X) with Java 6 installed. If you don't have it you can always download a recent version at


For problems and feature requests I can be contacted at leonchiver [at] Logo NetBeans Logo